It Reasons Why Foreign Tourists Love to National Museum


Has a long history of existence, the National Museum was originally a set Bataviaasch Genootschaf van Kunsten en Wetenschappen (BG), which established the Dutch government on 24 April 1778. The independent Institute which has the goal of advancing research in the field of art and science, and then was led by Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles in the period 1811-1816 during the British occupation of Java.

BG growing collection makes the Dutch government in 1862 decided to build a new building in Jalan Medan Merdeka Barat No. 12, which is still in use. On September 17, 1962, the Cultural Institute of Indonesia later handed over management of the museum to the Indonesian government, which was then called the Museum Center and raised its status to the National Museum in 1979 by decree of the Education Minister.

Jainudin said, along with the many enthusiasts who come and visit, manager of the museum is providing various facilities supporting the new tour. Starting from a clean toilet in every floor to the availability of tour guides fluent in three languages, namely Indonesia, the United Kingdom, and the Netherlands.

“Regarding the availability of tourist guides, we are in this museum the visitors do not always crowded, sometimes crowded, sometimes too quiet. If in a crowded situation we be on the verge of defeat with a number of guides exist, because the visit could be up to 2-3 thousand people, “said Jainudin.

According to his statement, the National Museum has seven types of collections with an overall amount of approximately 141 thousand artifacts related to archeology, pre-history, ethnography, ceramics, and more.

Open every day except Mondays and national holidays, the museum offers a long history of civilization Indonesia, ranging from pre-historic times, the days of empire, to the history of modern civilization. No wonder if the museum is a tourist destination alternative for many people, including foreign tourists who are visiting Jakarta.

He admitted, although it is not know for sure the traffic data, the number of tourist arrivals more than local tourists visit. This proves the rich history of the archipelago which is stored in the chambers of the National Museum is always interesting to be analyzed, discussed and studied to be taken advantage.

“Then about March to May, visitors crowded usually school children. If tourists are usually ahead of December until the new year. It traveler from the Netherlands, Korea, Japan, that many are coming, “said Jainudin.

4 Positive Effects Technology to Manage Personal Finances


There was denied, 21st century technology has evolved very rapidly compared to the previous century. At present, easy to find people who usually use a laptop or smartphone to various places.

Technology also allows us order food or shopping online. On the other hand, the technology significantly influence a person’s financial management.

If earlier a person accustomed to keep money at home or bank, the technology turns out to offer different things. Intrigued by the technology offered to finance a person?

1. Facility eMoney

eMoney represents the balance of money held in a joint account (escrow) and can be used for purchases of goods or services. Transactions can be done online and offline.

One popular overseas eMoney is PayPal, while in Indonesia there are so-called mobile phone accounts, which can typically be used to pay the seller who has been working with the bank facility provider.

eMoney help to facilitate the transaction process, especially for someone who often conduct transactions on an international scale.

2. The smartphone application for managing budget

Budget is one of the common techniques used in personal financial management. In this way, one can estimates the amount of money to be saved. It is useful to anticipate unexpected expenses as well as seeking to economize

The presence in the smartphone applications, allowing you to make a budget without the need to have financial management skills or formulas in Microsoft Excel.

3. Internet Banking

Internet banking facility allows you to move the balance of the money in the bank account to another, without having to bother to go directly to an ATM or bank. Not only that, this facility can be used to perform a variety of transactions more quickly.

Check account balance, transaction history, balance of installment loans, or the payment of routine transactions, are some of the deals that can be done through internet banking.

4. Add a side income with capital smartphones

In the past, the way people make money sometimes just focus on two options, namely the work to someone else or open a conventional business such as a restaurant or physical store.

However, thanks to advances in technology there are many things you can do to earn a living. For example, Mark Zuckerberg who managed to become millionaires by utilizing the internet.

Without Lionel Messi, This is the Final Nomination Best Players


Through its website, the European soccer federation, UEFA, has finally announced the final nominations of the best players throughout the season 2015/16 Blue Continent ago.

These three names are from clubs who settled in the city of Madrid, Spain. They are the Real Madrid duo Cristiano Ronaldo and Gareth Bale, as well as Atletico Madrid protagonist, Antoine Griezmann.

On previous occasions, UEFA released the first ten nominee title of best player. Among them were the names of the caliber of Lionel Messi, Gianluigi Buffon, until Thomas Muller are then eliminated.

Ronaldo, Bale, and Griezmann own admittedly has gone through a remarkable season in the 2015/16 campaign. Two first names successfully brought Undecima Los Blancos won the Champions League, beating Los Rojiblancos which is the name of the latter club.

Also in the Euro 2016 tournament, they also appear charming. Ronaldo brings Portugal be champions for the first time, Bale Wales a shock lead up to the semi-finals, while Griezmann – despite failing to win the French in the final – came out as the top score at the same time the best player of the tournament.

Winners will be announced on August 25 in Monaco tomorrow, which also coincides with the draw round group stage of the Champions League 2016/17.

Blood Type O Personality Own Unique, Check out The reason

blood o

Blood type has a certain influence for the owner. In addition to health, blood group is also believed to affect the personality of the owner.

Reportedly, those with blood type O are prone to ulcers, thyroid problems, have low levels of hormones and iodine deficiency. Not only that, they also tend to bind moisture, to obesity and often affected by tumors. But on the other hand, people with blood type O is important in society. Why?

Because people with this blood type plays an important role in our society. They have leadership energy, they tend to stay focused, and have some top quality. When stressed, they are irritability, impulsivity, and hyperactivity. Poor diet and lack of exercise makes people with blood type O are prone to health problems.

Japanese have long known that blood type O is a special blood type. They sometimes ask if you have blood type O at a job interview. Yes, those with blood type O is believed to be the figure most responsible, committed, organized, and very focused. They are believed to be more logical than people with other blood types, even believed that their ancestors might hunters.

One of the cool things about people with blood type O negative is they can donate their blood cells to anyone. Have you ever donated blood? This is an important and useful things you can do. You might even save someone’s life, especially if you are blood group O.


Urine Unique Facts you Need to Know


Urine is derived from the Latin word meaning ‘stream moisturizing’. At 200 years ago, European women known to urinate standing up. They always wore a long dress and no underwear on. Likewise in ancient Egypt and Ireland.

Meanwhile, women in ancient Rome to get used to drink turpentine (most toxic) because it makes their Urine smell like a rose flower. In ancient China, the nobility will urinate into the hollow rod, so that the urine will flow away from the body.

In many Muslim countries, both men and women urinating sitting or squatting. If standing, they think like animals.

Camels do not store water in the hump, but in their bodies that will turn into urine. As a result, the urine of camels two times saltier than sea water. They must urinate on foot to remain calm. Once I found the water, camels drink up to 25 gallons in 10 minutes.

In 1815, Captain James Riley and his crew of Commerce believe drinking camel urine could keep them alive after being stranded off the coast of Africa. And they crossed the Sahara to get home.

Urine is 95 percent water, 2.5 percent urea, and 2.5 percent of other mixtures such as minerals, salts and enzymes. It is a byproduct of blood and nontoxic. Urine can also be used to treat various diseases, including AIDS and Kaposi’s sarcoma.

Urine frothy urine due to volatile or be a sign of protein in the urine (proteinuria). When the body breaks down the filtration system (most often due to diabetes and hypertension), urinary protein molecules enter. “Coca-cola” urine is usually caused by liver dysfunction or blockage of the bile duct that causes bile to spill into the bloodstream and then into the urine. This bile duct blockage can be a sign of pancreatic tumors.

A few centuries ago, the British and French women believe in using urine can make their skin glowing and fresh. They would urinate in his hands and rubbed it. After a century of 21 laboratories making synthetic urea is used in lotions and creams.

Chinook Indian tribe soak the seeds to make the Chinook Olives into the urine for five months. And this dish is considered a delicacy.